Coffee from the best sunny plantations

We grow aromatic coffee.

Coffee from the best sunny plantations
Roasted in the traditional way and prepared in the family roastery

Enjoy the unrivaled taste.

Roasted in the traditional way and prepared in the family roastery
Fair trade and environmentally friendly grown coffee

Enjoy coffee from happy farmers and save the planet from the climate change!

Fair trade and environmentally friendly grown coffee
Enjoy your personal Favourite!

The best flavor in any form!

Enjoy your personal Favourite!

We Produce Blends of Aromatic Coffee

We grow and roast delicious and aromatic coffee and deliver it all over the world.

Natural coffee is grown on sunny plantations. We have blended it with various additives that give the coffee a unique taste. Try our coffee once, you won’t want another!


We Produce Unique Coffee Flavors

Welcome to our coffee roastery! We are proud to introduce you to our unique coffee varieties made from the world's finest beans. Our coffee varieties are the result of decades of experience and passion for the craft of coffee roasting.

Our coffee varieties are hand-roasted and carefully selected to ensure that each coffee bean releases its best flavor. Our beans come from the best growing regions in the world and are personally selected and imported by our experts.

Our coffee varieties are unique and offer a wide range of flavors and taste profiles. From our mild and balanced house blend to our bold and spicy varieties, we offer something for every coffee lover.

Our signature blend consists of a perfect balance of sweet and chocolate notes with a hint of nuttiness and a clean, smooth finish. Our French Roast is a bold, dark coffee with an intense chocolate and caramel note, while our single-origin coffee from Guatemala offers a fruity and spicy note with a hint of cinnamon and cloves.

We invite you to try our unique coffee varieties and experience the craft and passion that goes into every cup. Visit us at our roastery and let our trained staff guide you to the coffee that best suits your taste. We are confident that you will be delighted by our unique taste experience!

We Produce Delicious Natural Coffee for You

Our offer

The Acacia Hills Blend


The Acacia Hills Blend


The Acacia Hills Blend


Team mouthful

About us

The Müller family had been running a small bakery in the heart of the city for generations. Although the business was doing well, the family had a dream of roasting their own coffee beans and opening a café that offered not only baked goods but also high-quality coffee.

One day, the youngest son, Max, decided to make this dream a reality. He traveled to different countries to learn everything about coffee cultivation and roasting. After years of preparation, he finally returned home and opened a small café called "Müller's Kaffeehaus".

The café quickly became a popular meeting place for locals and tourists. The family worked hard and it was not always easy to run the business, but they were proud to have built their own company. Max was always looking for new coffee varieties and roasting methods to ensure that his customers could enjoy the best possible coffee.

Over the years, the family opened several branches in the city and surrounding communities. They also began selling their coffee beans to other cafés and restaurants.

Today, Müller's Kaffeehaus has become one of the most well-known cafés in the city. The family is proud to continue the tradition of coffee art and to offer their customers a unique taste experience.


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